Public Safety Programs

PADI Public Safety Diver


This course establishes a solid public safety diving foundation and includes basic rescue skills, knot tying, arc search techniques, victim recovery, tender responsibilities, communications and rescue techniques for a distressed public safety diver. 

PADI PSD Surface Support Specialist


This course is typically conducted in conjunction with the Public Safety Diver course but can be taken as a stand-alone course for those who are not scuba certified. You will be introduced to the use of special procedures, equipment, scene handling, communication procedures, basic public safety diving search and rescue techniques, emergency producers and documentation requirements.  

PADI PSD 1 & 2 Specialist


 The purpose of the Public Safety Diving 1: Orientation to Tether Diving Distinctive Specialty course is to have team members or potential team members become familiar with the skills, knowledge, planning, organization, procedures, techniques, problems, and hazards of public safety diving. 

The purpose of the PADI Public Safety Diver 2 Advanced Specialty course is to have team members or potential team members increase students’ knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed and survive as a true professional Public Safety Diver. This is a hands-on training program that involves intensive diving to prepare the public safety diver for the challenging diving conditions normally faced in the field.

PADI Boat Diving Operations


The PADI Public Safety Diving: Boat Diving Operations Specialty Diver course focuses on increasing the training of the PADI Public Safety Diver and moves them to the next level. To convert to this level, the diver needs to be trained in progressive steps, building a foundation, which is specially designed to allow the diver to safely and effectively participate in their particular environment and potential missions.

PADI UW CSI, Body, Evidence, Vehicle Recovery; UW Metal Dectection


These course are currently under development.

PADI PSD Instructor


This course covers how to organize, promote and conduct the PADI Public Safety Diver Course. 

ERDI 1 Diver Technician


This first level Emergency Response Diving Course is designed to give the certified open water diver, or open water certified public safety diver, the fundamental skills needed to safely function as part of an OSHA and NFPA compliant public safety dive team in both the diver and tender roles. 

ERDI Tender Technician


The ERD Tender Course trains team personnel to properly line tend and participate within the public safety dive team in a non-diving roll. The ERD Tender role is so critical to the success of the mission and the team, some teams utilize their most experienced diver to fulfill the role. 

ERDI Drysuit Techncian


The ERD Dry Suit Ops Course develops the knowledge and skills that are necessary for dry suit diving operations in emergency response diving. Introducing fundamental skills of dry suit diving and other important topics such as; encapsulation, contaminated environments, protecting portable water supplies and decontamination procedures. 

ERDI Full Face Mask Technician


The ERD Full Face Mask Course provides the skills and knowledge for the ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving. 

ERDI Contaminated Water Operations Technician


The ERDI Diving in Contaminated Water Ops Component is one of the most challenging public safety diver training programs. 

ERDI Testifying in Court


This awareness level course is designed to introduce the non-law enforcement public safety diver or team member to the court system and the requirements and techniques of presenting testimony in legal proceedings.